Peter Hamerlinck

ISD 742 School Board

Working For our community

You might recognize my name from previous involvement in District 742.  I served on the Board from 2011 to 2014. I’m proud to say that during that period the Board balanced our budgets with minimal cuts, had a fund balance that was maintained at or above suggested levels, authorized $2.5 million for new textbooks and classroom materials, approved a new curriculum review cycle, directed $500,000 to help reduce class size and $1,000,000 to classroom-based initiatives and deployed a plan to get technology into more students’ hands. 

In the fall of 2015, I began doing public address announcing and site management at Apollo High School sporting events and other activities.  This has provided me the opportunity to not only support students, but also meet, speak with and get to know these students, their parents/guardians and a wide range of District staff and volunteers.

Going from elected official to someone who is “feet on the ground” in our District has provided me a deeper understanding of the successes we celebrate and the challenges we face.

First and foremost, each student is an individual with their own personality, talents, needs and goals. Each student has a unique story to tell regarding their background, family, friendships and educational progress. Each student that comes to our schools has specific challenges that we, as adults, are obligated to help guide them through.  When we understand this, we are better able to develop and implement the policies and procedures necessary to best educate our youth.